1This department collaborates with relevant agencies to address issues related to the improvement of the economic and social welfare of Amerindians.

The department addresses all issues relating to the welfare of the Amerindian population and includes the following:

  1. Labour issues- are pertaining to persons who would have worked with persons or agencies and were not paid, the department will advocate on their behalf
  2. Clients who seek NIS benefits and do not know how to go about it
  3. Clients who seek compensation for injuries sustained on their jobs
  4. Human Trafficking- investigate reports received and provide assistance in areas of accommodation, counseling and financial assistance to return home
  5. Counselling is done on a regular basis
  6. Facilitating Birth Certificate Registrations- This is done mainly for persons who were not registered but the department also help with birth, marriages and death applications due to the remoteness of the areas. The programme started in 2003. During this exercise persons received their birth certificates on the spot now the CDO’s fill the affidavits and send them to the Ministry where they will be checked to see if the relevant information required is supplied. The names, date of birth, place of birth, and money received are recorded then sent to General Registrar Office (GRO) for processing. When the birth certificates come to the office they are recorded by regions and sent back.

The Social Welfare Department is composed of Labour, Health and Student Welfare.

“Social welfare is about how people, communities and institutions in a society take action to provide certain minimum standards and certain opportunities. It is generally about helping people facing contingencies”, (Canada’s Unique, 1998).

Here at the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, we strive to help all Amerindian people dealing with child abuse, child labor, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, birth certificate registration,  illness requiring special care and human trafficking. We also provide a comprehensive program for our scholarship students and strive to offer them support as they pursue their academic goals. At the Amerindian Residence, our department works with individual patients, families, and groups to deal with issues such as grief, loss, teen pregnancy, and coping with their medical diagnosis.

Our team:

  • Social Welfare Officer (Welfare and Labor Issues)
  • Senior Social Worker 1 (Patient Care)
  • Senior Social Worker 2 (Scholarship Department)
  • HIV and AIDS Focal Point (Sexual and Reproductive Health/HIV and AIDS Department).

Where we are located:2

We have two offices.

  1. Our Senior Social Workers I and II are both located at the Amerindian Residence and deal directly with patient issues and rights, and with scholarship students. The Amerindian Residence is located at:
    216 Princess Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana, South America.
  2. Our Social welfare Office of Welfare and Labor Issues  and the HIV and AIDS Department is located at:
    251-252 Thomas and Quamina Streets, Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana, South America.