The Projects Department is one of the departments of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs. This department is the main implementation arm of the Ministry that assists in the conceptualization, development, implementation and monitoring of programmes and projects in Amerindian communities.

The Projects Department comprises of specialized skills in project management, environmental economics, natural resources management, and rural development, which combine to create and sustain the institutional capacity required to fulfill the Ministry’s mandate.

The main focus of the department is primarily on projects implementation, monitoring and evaluation, policy development, strategic planning, advocacy, resource generation geared towards the development of Amerindian villages/communities.

Some of the projects managed by the Projects Department are:

  • Youth Entrepreneurial & Apprenticeship Programme
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Language Revival
  • Presidential Grants
  • Women’s & Youth Initiatives
  • Community and Infrastructure Development
  • Information Communication & Technology
  • Agricultural Development Projects

The Projects Department is presently expanding  and seeking to further strengthen the institutional capacity required to manage additional projects.