Projects Department Reform

The year 2009 saw the birth of organizational reform within the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs. Upon the initiative of PS Nigel Dharamlall, and with support from the Organizational Development Adviser a new  Projects Department was established in October 2009. Six (6) Management Development Officers, led by a Projects Coordinator were hired  to spearhead the creation of projects geared towards further development in the hinterlands (see related story under PROJECTS). Before assuming their respective positions, all six new employees underwent an intensive training on all aspects of Project Management viz. Training, Team Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial Management and Community Development.

The Department has now evolved into a more proactive part of the Ministry, with all project officers being involved in community immersions, implementing and monitoring of projects, and taking the lead in gathering and addressing issues affecting Amerindian villages and communities.

The thrusts of MoAA include:

  • – Amerindian Land Titling
  • – Social Welfare (Education, Welfare and Health)
  • – Socio-economic Development
  • – Tourism
  • – Logistical Support (Capital Investments) and Infrastructure
  • – ICT Development and Solar Panel  Programme
  • – Amerindian Heritage
  • – Governance


Knowledge Management Through Management Information System (Mis) and Website Development

MOAA is the lead agency in documenting the plight of all Amerindian Villages, and their demographic data. It collecteddata ending year 2012 for its Management Information system (MIS), a repository of all issues affecting Amerindians.  The MoAA-MIS was established in 2009 using DEV-INFO as a system package.

In 2011, MoAA has developed Information Tracking System that records and tracks welfare issues that affect women and children as well as men. Late Registration of Births is likewise recorded in this system.

As part of its communication plan, MoAA has contracted a new Website developer to enhance the existing website, and thus ensure MoAA’s wider reach to the hinterlands. Social Networking through Facebook has also been incorporated as one of the virtual communication strategy of the Ministry.

A Communication Strategy was developed for implementation in 2015.

Capacity Building Of The Community Development Officers

In its attempt to strengthen the role of Community Development Officers who play significant roles in Amerindian Development and Welfare, MoAA continuously conduct training through the Principal Regional Development Office.  The trainings focus on   Conflict Management, Communication, Goal Setting and Decision Making, Code Of Ethics, Understanding their Terms of Reference, Conducting Meetings, SWOT Analysis, Community Development Planning, TIP, Presidential Grants, Review of the Amerindian Act, Village Rules and Improving Reporting and Work Plans.

In April 2013, the CDOs attended aone-day training on the Amerindian Land Titling Project and the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF)-Community Development Plan (CDP) projects that are being funded under the GRIF.

MoAA has scheduled quarterly trainings for all CDOs.

Strengthened Monitoring And Evaluation System

In 2015, more effort had been focused on developing better monitoring and evaluation systems across all the departments in accordance with the thrust of the government on Amerindian development.